this free video training shows you...

How to make your piano playing sound like jazz with just a few simple changes - even with little experience

Discover jazz piano playing for yourself and finally fulfill your childhood dream of playing the jazz music you love

Jazz Piano Videotraining

What you will discover inside this free jazz piano video training when you participate...

  • Build and play your first jazz piano chords with ease
  • Improvise for hours with the jazz scale without getting bored
  • Recognize the theory behind the sound and don't be afraid of complex chord structures
  • Utilize the 3S method (used by the pros) to create and strategically use ballad-like open voicings
  • Perform your first jazz standards and create jazzy voicings
  • Get to know swing phrasing and sound like a master of your craft in no time
Jazz Piano Videotraining

Marcel from modern music

Hey, my name is Marcel, and I offer training and further education for aspiring jazz pianists. In 2019, I founded the Modern Music Piano Academy® with the aim of inspiring as many students as possible to engage in jazz piano playing. With now 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 2 million video views, you have contributed significantly to this. Thank you very much :-)

I am a piano coach and content creator with all my heart. I studied 'Keyboards & Music Production' at the Musikhochschule Münster, among others, with Henning Verlage, producer and keyboardist of 'Unheilig,' as well as Echo Award winner and with professor Rob Maas. Additionally, I studied jazz saxophone with Malcolm 'Molly' Duncan (†), known for his work with Average White Band and the song 'Pick Up The Pieces.'


The Free Chord Symbol Handbook

When you participate in Marcel's free jazz piano video training, you will also receive exclusive access to a special bonus guide on jazz chords. Join now and get the handbook for FREE

Jazz Piano Videotraining


Jazz Piano Videotraining
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